Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Dresses 2014

Holiday Dresses 2014

Xmas and New Years Eve is approaching so were all preparing for events and looking for outfits. I personally love anything that glitters and shines, when I think of the holidays I think of the dresses above, but if you're not as extra and obnoxious as I am that is totally fine ! I've picked out some "toned down" dresses that still have something a little special to it.

You're welcome xo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NYC Winter

NYC Winter

New Yorkers are guilty for sticking to dark colors as soon as it gets chilly, It looks like almost everyone is wearing black. This outfit is good for someone who wants to dress casual and still look sexy.  Thigh high boots are my favorite thing right now especially after I had finally found the perfect ones for someone my size. You'll see them on the blog later ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do's & Don'ts For Curly Hair


  • Cut your hair in layers; I always have my hair cut in layers. I ask for side bangs that hit my chin, layers in the front/back, and a V shape at the end of my hair.
  • Find an AMAZING leave-in conditioner and oil; When I style my curls I use a leave-in conditioner, styling product, and an oil. 
  • Buy yourself a good brush; I used to brush my hair in the shower wet with conditioner in it and I stopped doing that. Now I brush it before a shower and I find that when I do this my shampoo and conditioner gets to every strand. The brush I use is the green Michel Mercier brush. The brushes are color coded based on how thick your hair is.
  • Blow dryer with a diffuser;  If you choose to let you hair dry its up to you ! I personally dont have the time and patience. I started using a blow dryer to dry my hair about two years ago and I like it because the heat from the blow dryer really helps the product get into every curl . I stopped attaching the diffuser to my blow dryer because I feel like my hair wasn't drying evenly with it. Also make sure the blow dryer isn't too hot.
  • Use a deep treatment every two weeks; it can be a creamy treatment or an oil treatment whatever you prefer ! I like to alternate and I usually cover my head with a heating cap.
  • Treat your ends; if you're someone who doesn't want to cut your hair every three to four months that is totally fine. I have my moments when I dont cut my hair for awhile BUT you must take good care of your ends. The ends of our hair is always the dryest so make sure you maintain them with oils and moisturizers.


  • Wash your hair more than three times a week; I personally believe three times a week is enough, Washing your hair too often will cause dryness. I wash my hair twice a week. 
  • Use a wide tooth comb; I don't care what anyone says wide tooth combs are painful as hell and just pull tons of hair out ! The Michel Mercier brush is definitely a better option. 
  • Use flat irons; I sometimes get tired of my curls and need a bit of a change so I treat myself to a blowout, but it's done with a blow dryer and I don't do it often There is nothing good about two hot metal plates pressing down on your hair ! A blow dryer is a better option.
  • Bleach; do I really have to tell you not to do this ? If you want to dye your hair or highlight it I suggest you gradually work your way to the color you want, and take extra care of your color treated hair.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lunch Break


I was having lunch with my friend from work and he snapped some pictures of me, naturally my ridiculous sillyness (not a word I know) came out.

Just realized my whole outfit is H&M, my shoes are Steve Madden...extra comfy too

Sunday, October 12, 2014


American Apparel Deep V-neck
Simon Miller Relaxed Skinny
H&M Denim Slip On Sneakers

Flight jacket was purchased at an army store in West 30th street.
the other day I was thinking when I was searching for the old school flight jacket why didn't I just go straight to the source ? The source being the "hood" LOL I should have just went to Jimmy Jazz, Dr. Jays or even V.I.M. .....if that still even exist ! I will be getting my black flight jacket soon since the one I had as a kid doesn't fit anymore.
My flight jacket is actually a little boys large...the male flight jackets fit huge in the arms and shoulders and the women's seemed to always be sold out so I picked this one up !

Enjoy your Sunday ! xoxo

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Army Green

Army Green
I must admit out of all the trends we've been introduced too this one is definitely an obsession for me and it will last forever. Green and army inspired outfits are being seen all over, I recently went on a mission for a flight jacket like you see above. I had a black one as a kid but of course I don't have it anymore, I finally found the perfect one at an army store in Manhattan, I had to settle with a little boys large because I am tiny and some of the flight jackets just looked like it was wearing me. another thing about flight jackets (if you don't know this already) this jacket has been around for years and has been seen the most in what we like to call the "hood" so quit trying to say Kim and Kanye started this "trend" its been around for years. The awesome thing about this color is that it seriously goes with almost everything you own, you could do a lot with this color which is why I strongly believe this trend is here to stay !