Thursday, September 18, 2014

Treat Yourself

Quick post before I meet my friend for dinner ! Today I enjoyed the beautiful weather and treated myself to a blowout....

Jeans are R13 and the shoes are Zara


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I had bought this skirt at work and gosh I am beyond in love with this piece. I hung out in Brooklyn today and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I ate real good today as you can see ! I first headed to Brooklyn Mac then later I had my favorite wings at Pops Brooklyn. I sure miss Brooklyn and can't wait to be closer to it again. 
by the way...I'm obsessed with VSCOcam

Crop top: American Apparel
Skirt: Givenchy (I almost can't tell what color it is, is it brown ? is it olive ?..who knows !)
Shoes: Zara
Snake Necklace, worn as a bracelet: H&M

Bed Head !

The people at Casper Mattress are trying to help their sleepers control the unavoidable Bed Head, so here are some of my tips and feelings towards bed head. I get asked a lot about how I keep my curls looking fresh the next day, and to be honest with you I don't do anything. When I go to bed I don't put my hair up or do anything special unlike other women that have curly hair. My hair is naturally pretty wild so bed head doesn't really bother me. I truly believe that "perfect" bed head has a lot to do with how healthy your hair is. If you like embracing your bed head like I do I suggest you try Cantu  Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment. Before heading out in the morning I flip my head over and apply the product onto my scalp, ends and then the rest of my hair.

The benefits of this product ?
  • It smells really good
  • It's lightweight 
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Stops breakage 
  • Helps with frizz
  • Perfect for color treated hair
  • Very moisturizing
  • Keeps hair from looking brittle and weak

If you're a girl that prefers a more polished look here are some tips on how to tame bed head...
  1. Putting your hair in a very high ponytail, curly girls who do this at night usually like to call it the "pineapple" ponytail. I suggest you use a no-damage hair elastic 
  2. Sleeping with a satin pillow
  3. Take your favorite frizz tamer/or your favorite oil and rub it into your hair before bed then covering your head with a satin cap. This will give your hair a nice a little overnight treatment.

I hope this helps ! xoxo

Check out my bed head LOL 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

50 Things About Me

I was ignoring this request for awhile because I'm not really the type to sit here and talk about myself and I thought it was a little silly for me to do it. It took me awhile to come up with 50 things about me, But I finally have it and here it is...

  1. My middle name is Alexis
  2. My favorite color is yellow
  3. I have hideous handwriting
  4. I only know how to write my own name in script
  5. My first job was at American Apparel
  6. I got called in for a casting for American Apparel but I looked to "rebellious" to be an American Apparel model, and perhaps they were right.
  7. I work at Barneys 
  8. Ive been in seven different schools, lived in every borough except for Staten Island and Brooklyn
  9. I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican 
  10. I don't speak Spanish
  11. I don't have any tattoos yet but I'm dying to get some !!!
  12. I am a huge foodie to the point that there's a few restaurants that know my name and greet me as soon as they see me "hey ! Arianna where have you been ?! everything going well..come sit !" once I find a restaurant I love I come back a lot LOL
  13. I was once a blond and my dad hated it 
  14. I have two younger sisters, eleven year old and nine year old
  15. I don't know how to drive...YET
  16. I always hated school, and left college in the middle of my first semester my freshman year
  17. I'm short, 5'1 to be exact
  18. I eat a lot of cheese
  19. I love cooking but haven't cooked in forever !
  20. I want to travel like a lot of people but the place I want to go to the most is GREECE !!!
  21. I eat a lot of fruits, I eat a fruit salad almost every morning 
  22. My dream career is to become a successful stylist and to hopefully expand my blog 
  23. I love menswear and if I ever decided to design I would start with menswear 
  24. I am obsessed with gold, gold shoes, clothes , furniture anything gold !
  25. I love visiting museums and exhibits 
  26. I was on a softball team in high school but never really took it serious
  27. The most beautiful place I ever visited was Saint Thomas and Saint Martin
  28. I don't like roller coasters, I enjoy water parks more. 
  29. I have a hard time keeping my room clean, I don't know why ! BUT I have a weird feeling ill be able to overcome that once I move out.
  30. I love funny people, a good sense of humor is so important in life
  31. I have a slightly crooked middle finger 
  32. I am known to be very honest and careless of what others think of me. Life is less stressful when you don't care what others think
  33. I'm not great at taking compliments, I get all shy and awkward 
  34. I have dimples
  35. I didn't start really wearing makeup until I was 19 and I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Before I just wore eyeliner, lipstick and mascara.
  36. I don't like contouring, I feel like it alters your face too much and I'm all about looking like myself.
  37. I don't wear foundation I wear BB cream instead
  38. I think making your bed is so stupid, unless your showing your place to sell or something who really cares if your bed isn't made ?
  39. I never blow dry my own hair, it would be a huge fail.
  40. Ive never done my eyebrows before
  41. I really like real life crime shows and real life supernatural shows
  42. I love horror movies and comedy. I don't really like romantic movies
  43. I once slapped a boy in kindergarten because he tried kissing me, I left a red hand mark on his face. My parents were called and I'm sure they were proud...he deserved it LOL
  44. I don't workout
  45. I'm really bad at painting my own nails
  46. I don't like arguing over nonsense I'll only argue if its worth my time.
  47. I am a Taurus 
  48. My birthday is May 17
  49. I know how to make Red Lobster biscuits, yummmmmmy
  50. I don't know how to do a cat eye, practice makes perfect though....right ?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jeff Koons Exhibit

My dad and stepmother left to Costa Rica this morning for their anniversary so I had my little sisters with me today ! We went to Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum, and grabbed lunch after.

quick outfit post !
 I wore an H&M shirt, H&M jeans, DKNY bag, H&M necklace, and Steve Madden lace up booties (super comfy)

Photos were taken with my iPhone